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Class List

Click here for the class list. Please let me know if you should be on it, but you're not.


Click here for weekly lectures, tutes, answers to selected problems, etc.

Laboratory Exercises

Weekly lab sheets can be found in the table below. As results come to hand for the labs they will be posted here, also.

Week Exercise Results
02 Write-up Results
03 Write-up Results
04 Write-up Results
06 Write-up Results
07 Write-up Results
08 Write-up Results
09 Write-up Results
10 Write-up Results
11 Write-up Results

Exam-Related Material

Results of this year's module, pre-final exam. Please let me know if you think some of your marks are wrong.

Some old exam questions. Old exams can be had also from the student sharepoint.

How to do well in CS4815

Throughout the semester people come to me asking how they can do well in CS4815. The answer -- and probably one that you have heard from me in relation to other modules -- is the obvious one: hard graft.

With CS4815, however, the graft is more necessary in the early part of the semester. It is in the first 4 weeks that a lot of the foundational mathematics -- matrices, linear algebra, etc. -- are laid for what follows. Putting the effort in early and playing around with some toy programs will make a difference later in the semester.

I can't guarantee high marks but I can guarantee that you will find the remainder of the material more understandable and easier if you work hard at the foundation material.

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