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How to do well in CS4156

Throughout the semester people come to me asking how they can do well in CS4156. Unfortunately, as I say on my CS4113 web page, the answer to this is the obvious one: hard graft.

With Intro. to Digital Signal Processing, however, the graft is more necessary in the early part of the semester. It is in the first 4 weeks that a lot of the foundations are laid for what follows. I promise you you will find that if you work hard at coming to terms with the material that the course draws on: discrete mathenatics and with the notion of asymptotic analysis (what happens to running time or memory usage when the no. of inputs to a program gets really huge), then it will make what follows easier.

I can't guarantee high marks but I can guarantee that you will find the remainder of the material more understandable and easier if you work hard at the foundation material.

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