Operating Systems

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Lecture notes

I will add Lecture notes to these web pages as I go along.


There are three books you might look at for this; the prices are from O'Mahony's campus branch:

Operating Systems Design and Implementation by Andrew Tannenbaum and Albert Woodhull (ISBN 0-136-30195-9, Prentice Hall, 1997, Euro 68.95)
The most detailed, listing a complete operating system and going through it, as well as presenting all the concepts.
Operating Systems by John O'Gorman (ISBN 0-333-80288-8, Palgrave 2000, Euro 32.00)
Written by my predecessor in lecturing this course. This is not as detailed as Tannenbaum.
Operating Systems with Linux by John O'Gorman (ISBN 0-333-94745-2, Palgrave 2001, Euro 38.00)
This is somewhere between the other two. It doesn't include a source listing, but does give examples from a specific system that you can download.

Practical notes

Past papers

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Other notes


Here are some useful reference sites:

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