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ICT Learning Centre

The ICT Learning Centre is a brilliant place to go to brush up on your programming skills. They take all levels of programmer, novice to advanced. Their website gives more details, including opening hours.

Class List

Click here for the class list. Please let me know if you should be on it, but you're not.


Click here for weekly lectures, tutes, answers to selected problems, etc.

Laboratory Exercises

Lab assignments and results will be posted here throughout the semester. Details on each lab can be found below.

Week Exercise Results
03 Write-up Results
06 Write-up Results
07 Write-up Results
09 Write-up Results
11 Write-up Results

Total marks accumulated to date are posted here. Please get back to me if they're not what you believe they should be. The two columns labelled "Best" and "Worst" give your best and worst possible mark out of 40%. The best mark is based on you getting 60/60 in the final exam, thus giving you 15% in place of the botched mid-term. The worst mark is based on your lab mark (out of 25) being scale up to be out of 40.

Exam-Related Material

Some old exam questions.

Also, new link for sharepoint.

How to do well in CS4115

Throughout the semester people come to me asking how they can do well in CS4115. Unfortunately, as I say on my CS4815 web page, the answer to this is the obvious one: hard graft.

With Data Structures and Algorithms, however, the graft is more necessary in the early part of the semester. It is in the first 4 weeks that a lot of the foundations are laid for what follows. I promise you you will find that if you work hard at coming to terms with the material that the course draws on: discrete mathenatics and with the notion of asymptotic analysis (what happens to running time or memory usage when the no. of inputs to a program gets really huge), then it will make what follows easier.

I can't guarantee high marks but I can guarantee that you will find the remainder of the material more understandable and easier if you work hard at the foundation material.

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