CS4113 Resource Matrix

Updated: Sun Dec 11 22:05:50 2005

Choose from the following resources:

WeekLectureLectureLectureTutorialLab WorkOther
01lect01lect02Units Descr I, Units Conv I
02lect03lect04tut02, sol02lab02Cube Root, Char Counting
03lect05lect06tut03, sol03lab03Units Descr II, euro, Units Conv II
04lect07lect08tut04, sol04lab04pointers
05lect09lect10tut05, sol05lab05
06lect11tut06, sol06lab06
07lect12lect13lect14tut07lab07rec.cc, Maze
11lect23lect24lect25tut11lab11Student DB

Don't print out these files as they are!! You can print the files out 4-up
(four slides to a physical page) with the a2ps program. (Instructions here).

Mind you, you could do everybody a turn by asking ITD why they won't
provide you with duplex printing facilities, which would halve your costs again.