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Student Printing in Windows

To print documents in windows is a relatively straight forward process. However before you can do this you will need to have either a print card (If your printing in the CSIS building) or you will be required to have credit in your "print account" if you are printing from any of the ITD printers located around the college. Lets start with the first scenario. If you are printing in the CSIS building purchase a print card from the print machine on the ground floor beside the east entrance (ie entrance near the resturant). A card costs 2 euro. Then follow these steps.

Go to one of the computers located in the building
Log on to your account.
You will need to insert your print card into the card reader.
Open your document in the relevant software package.
Click on File and then choose Print.

Points to Remember

Check to ensure there is enough paper before printing.
Purchase Print card from machine in CSIS auditorium.
ITD photocopy cards will not work in any card reader in CSIS building.
Student Union Print cards will not work with CSIS card readers.
Make sure you have enough credit.

As previously mentioned you can also print your windows documents from any ITD printer on campus. In order for you to do this you must have credit in your print account. You can top up your print account in the print room(E1006), Main building. Once you have suffucuent credit then you can use any ITD printer on campus. Check the following links for more information.

Please note that the printers in the grad lab and 4th year labs are restricted to students with access to those labs. In short, students in years 1 to 3 are not permitted to use these printers.

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Department of Computer Science and Information Systems, University of Limerick, Limerick, Republic of Ireland
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