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A network drive is a physical PC drive located somewhere in the CSIS building or elsewhere in the university to which you can connect to either retrieve or store information, such as exam papers, lecture notes, or projects.

There are 2 ways of mapping to a drive over the network. One way is via the command prompt. To map network drive using the command prompt do the following.

Type the following at the C:\ prompt
net use j: \\csis-stud\csis * /user:undergraduate\STUDENTID /persistent:yes
Replace the text 'STUDENTID' with your own 7-digit Personal ID number.
Type in your ITD password.
If you have been successful you will see 'The command completed successfully'
If you have been unsuccessful, try again, or ask someone.

An alternative method is to use windows explorer.

Right mouse button click on the start menu and choose Explorer.
Select tools -> map network Drive
Enter the drive and folder path into the Map Network Drive window (see below).
In the example below the drive is L:\ and the path is \\terra\jsmith.
    • Network drive dialog
    • Enter your username and password.You will be prompted for these
    • enter password and username
    • Check to see that your network drive has been successfully mapped.
    • You should see an icon with your username on 'terra' (L:) appearing on the lefthand side following the local drives of your computer.
    • To disconnect your network drive go to Tools -> Disconnect Network Drive -> username.

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