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Laptop Access in CSIS Building

Students are advised that they are allowed to use laptops in the CSIS labs ONLY ON MARKED HUBS. These hubs are only to be used when there are no labs in progress. If students are seen unplugging PCs from hubs, they will be disconnected from the network for 1 day.

Laptop hubs are available in the following labs:

CS305 4th year only
CS304 2 hubs
CS245 3 hubs
CS244 1 hub
CS145 2 hubs
CS146 2 hubs
CS144 1 hub
Students are also advised that a wireless LAN is due to be installed in the building during the next 12months, therefore if you are purchasing a new laptop,

Department of computer science and information systems
University of limerick, limerick, Republic of Ireland

Department of Computer Science and Information Systems, University of Limerick, Limerick, Republic of Ireland
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