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All students are provided with Microsoft Outlook 2000 email accounts which enables messages to be sent to and from other students and staff and externally. These email accounts are subject to the provisions of the Student Code of Conduct. Each student is given a student email address which is based on their college ID number. The format of all student email addresses is: (where 0012345 is your student ID number).

Below is an image of the microsoft outlook interface. It looks like the standard Single Document Interface(SDI) similar to most microsoft products.

Microsoft Outlook
Students should familiarise themselves with the help facility available with outlook. Use this facility to learn how to:
Sending, replying to and deleting a mail message.
Forwarding a mail message to someone else.
Adding Files (attachments) to a mail message.
Sending a mail to more than one person

Connecting to Student Email

The following is the procedure for connecting to student email. This procedure need only be done once.

Double CLick on the icon marked "Microsoft Outlook" on desktop (see below)
Outlook desktop icon
The first time Outlook is used the Microsoft Outlook Setup Wizard will execute.
Click on the Microsoft Exchange Server check box (as shown below), and click on Next.
exchange server
The following dialogue should appear: Fill in cronus as the 'Microsoft Exchange Server', and your ID number as the 'Mailbox'. Click on Next.

Choose the no option in the following dialogue. Click on Next.
outlook no

Highlight the first option 'Microsoft Exchange Server', and click on Finish.

Reading Your Email

The procedure to read your email is straight forward. Once you click on the outlook icon you will be presented with a log in GUI (see below). Enter your id number (without the prefix), undergraduate and password. The password that you enter will be the one use to log into the ITD computers. If all is well then your mail will appear in outlook.


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