Windows 2000

General Info

Roaming Profile
Exam Papers

System Support


Redmond O'Brien

Linux Servers
Network Linux security
Staff/PG linux Installation and Problems
Resource Allocation

Redmond O'Brien

Swipe card Door access system
CS-G26 Telecom Lab
Day to Day Student Lab Maintenance
Linux Backups, Student home directories
Help Desk, Student Queries
Linux Web Server, Administration passwords
Student Profiles

Redmond O'Brien

NT/WIN2000 Servers
NT/WIN2000 Security
Dept Web Server Administration
Staff/PG NT/WIN2000 Installation and Problems
NT backups
PC Maintenance Contract

Liam O'Riordan Rm cs1001

Daily Student Lab maintenance
Student Profiles , Student Passowrds
Maintain Log of Lab Problems (web based)
Student Queries

Department of computer science and information systems
University of limerick, limerick, Eire

Department of Computer Science and Information Systems, University of Limerick, Limerick, Eire
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