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Linux Links RedHat Home Redhat Support Manuals Debian Linux Mandrake Linux Slackware Linux Stampede Linux SUse Linux Turbo Linux LinuxPPC Corel Linux Gnome linux desktop KDE linux desktop(Useful FYP ideas here) Installing Linux: How to TUcows Linux Resource Center The Linux Documentation Project

Linux Application Links Gimp Image manipulation tool. Linux KDE mail tool HDE Office. Comparative to MS Office Kdevelop is C/C++/KDE/Qt IDE Another web Browswer. GNOME office. Direct competitor to Koffice

Programming Links C++ programming for scientists Must have Java Location containing, Java Development kit, API's etc... Java and C development tools for linux Catalogue of free Compilers and Interpreters C/C++ reference Linux programmers guide Basic object oriented programming concepts C Programming is a self-paced, learning module Contains resources for learning the C and C++ programming languages. There are several tutorials. Intro to OOP using c++ Javascript Primer
Numerical Receipes in Fortran and C Numerical Receipes in C and Fortran. Various sorting algorithms given A scientific and technical computing portal covering C/C++, Excel, FORTRAN, Java, Matlab, and Visual Basic. It provides access to tutorials, documentation, source code, software tools, libraries, routines, and applications. The site may be browsed or searched.
Open Directory Project: Computer Languages This directory has an extensive listing of resources for individual programming languages.
Perl Bookmark Perl bookmark. This site is a gateway to Perl programming resources. Programmers Heaven features links to programming-related Web sites as well as development tools, utilities, source code, and compilers and interpreters. Access is also provided to technology news headlines, summaries, articles, and the 50 most popular links and downloads. The site can be browsed by languages, platforms, applications, and Web development; and it is fully searchable.
SQL Interpreter Tutorial SQL tutorial for beginner
Structure and Intrepretation of computer programs This site contains the full text of the MIT Press book Structure and Interpretation of Computer Programs by Abelson, Sussman, and Sussman. Also included are programming assignments, source code, the instructor's manual, and errata.

Dictionaries & Encyclopedias A glossary of computer abbreviations and acronyms Online Dictionary of computing Webpage of every file format

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