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Exam Papers

There are a number of locations form which to obtain past exam papers.The papers may be available on the module web site.This is at the discretion of the lecturer. Alternatively past papers are available on the student Union web site.Follow the links to view the papers. Should a situation arise whereby the papers are not available at either of the two previous options then contact Meave Gleeson in room CS1-005.It should the noted that undergraduate students are not permitted to retain copies of previous multiple choice questions.Therefore it is pointless making such requests to any of the administrative staff.

Exam Transcripts

Exam transcripts are available to students from the department. Currently transcripts are shredded 13 months after the student graduates.At present there are plans underfoot to have viewing days whereby students can view their scripts. However these plans haven't been finalised at the present moment. Any additional information will be posted when it becomes available.

Exam Workshops

At various times throughout the academic year the University of Limerick Students Union run a number of workshops which are designed to enhance students exam performance. Any students who believe that their results did not reflect the their study efforts either in university or at secondary should participate in one of these workshops.They are held approximately once a semester. Further information may be obtained from the student union or from the center for teaching and learning.

Exam Results

Students may obtain their exam results at To view your results you will need your pin number in addition to your ID number. Your pin number should be contained in the student handbook that the college sent prior to your arrival. If all else fails present your student id at the student services desk and they will give it to you.

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