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Linux:Logging off

Each student must log out after finishing with his or her current session. To log out of linux is a straightforward process. If you are running gnome desktop then to log out

  • select GNOME Main Menu Button => Log out (as shown below).
  • When the confirmation dialog appears (as shown below) select the Logout option and click the Yes button. If you want to save the configuration of your desktop, as well as any programs which are running, check the Save current setup option, as well.
  • Similarly, in KDE, you can log out by selecting KDE Main Menu => Logout. If you chose KDE as your default desktop environment during your installation of Red Hat Linux, your logout screen will look like the below:
  • At the logout screen, KDE offers you the chance to save your current settings (see below), which will preserve your panel configuration and start any applications that you left open in your session. If you are working in an application and you have not saved your work when you log out, a dialog will inform you that you will lose your unsaved material when you log out. When you see this dialog, you can simply select the Cancel button, save your work, then log out again. If you continue without saving your work, you will lose the unsaved data.
  • By default, the KDE panel also contains a quick launch button to log out; it is located on the right-side of the panel, and looks like
  • If you are not using the X Window System, and you logged in at the console, type exit or [Ctrl]-[D] to log out of the console session.

The user will note that with the gnome logout the user has 2 additional options to logout. They are reboot and halt. As the name suggests reboot is used to reboot your PC. This is required if you want to change to the windows operating system. Please note that it is an error to simply press the on off button or reset button to reboot your PC. Halt will shut down the computer. You should never shut down computers in the Department.

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