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PC Hardware in Student Labs

Over 300 Pentium class PCs, varying processor speeds, with at least 128Mb ram, 1.44Mb floppy drives, 100Mb Iomega zip drives, and either a cd or dvd drive. Just under 200 of these PCs are in open access labs, while the others are in specialist labs (final year, localisation, interactive media, network).

Final Year Lab

The lab CS305 is for the sole use of the Computer Systems final year students. The lab is equipped with 65 PCs. The students are each assigned to a PC. On average 2-3 students are assigned to each PC. Students will have administrator rights on their own PCs so that they won't be limited technically, in what they can do in their final year project.

Department of computer science and information systems
University of limerick, limerick, Republic of Ireland

Department of Computer Science and Information Systems, University of Limerick, Limerick, Republic of Ireland
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