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lab Locations

CSIS labs are located throughout the 3 floors of the CSIS building. It is important to note that not all labs are for general use. Some labs have restricted access. This particularly applies to the graduate diploma lab. Students should also be familar with rules and procedures which define acceptable behaviour within the CSIS labs.

3rd Floor
CS3-005 4th year lab Located on the 3rd floor on east side of building
CS3-004 General use lab located on 3rd floor of CSIS building
2nd Floor
CS2-044 Graduate Diploma lab. Restricted to graduates and language and computing students.
CS2-045 General use Lab
CS2-046 Interactive media lab.
1st Floor
CS1-044 General use computer lab
CS1-046 Collaborative teaching Lab
Ground Floor
CSG-026 Networks lab
CSG-013 Music Technology Lab

Special Requirements

If you need any special requirements to access any of the technical facilities in the CSIS Department, please contact any of the student technical support staff. The Access Office has dedicated one PC for use by physically impaired students. This PC is located on the top floor in the CS3-004 lab along the wall. It is clearly marked. Please note that this PC should always be made available to students who are physically impaired.

Additional Requirements

The university provides support for students with individual physical or sensory requirements. If you have specific requirements in relation to computer access or use, please contact one of the CSIS student support staff at the earliest opportunity or the Disability Liaison Office located on the ground floor of the Library building, or both. All students should be aware that it may be necessary from time to time to designate particular resources for specific purposes. In these circumstances students are asked to respect such designations in a spirit of cooperation and in the interests of the whole CSIS community.

Lab Opening Hours

Normal CSIS building opening times are from:

8.30 am to 10 pm Mon to Fri

The 4th year lab is open until midnight.Typically the CSIS labs are not open on weekends. However, prior to project deadlines, class representatives can contact the Head of the Department to request extended access. Access to all csis labs is controlled by a swipe card system. All csis students will be required to swipe their id cards before gaining access.

Reporting a problem

If you become aware of a problem with any of the computers in the CSIS lab it is important that you report it to the CSIS technical staff. Do not assume some other student will report it. The technical staff can be contacted by email, phone or calling to any of their offices. see system support contact details.

Can't remember your Password?

If you have forgotten your password you can call to either of the student support staff to have your password reset from Week 2 onwards between 12-1pm every day.

Lab Assistants

Lab assistants will be present in most labs. They can be identified by the name tags that they will be wearing. The function of lab assistants is to answer any questions that you may have. Lab assistants are provided by the department for specific modules and therefore may not be present in all labs.

Beverages in Labs

Consumption of beverages will not be permitted in the labs. There are no exceptions to this rule. Any student caught consuming beverages in any CSIS lab will be punished.

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